Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Are you having a 'quirky wedding' well some call them quirky I think they are normal myself but then again I an not entirely normal...
I am really interested to shoot more different and interesting weddings and want to give people the chance to get me to shoot their wedding at a preferential cost depending on how quirky it is with some extras thrown in.

Many people play it safe and do the Hotel - Golf Course - Chair covers weddings with a DJ playing just what you would expect, are you doing something different? perhaps:

* Tattoo Wedding
* Rock Bands
* Festival wedding
* Dress up wedding
* Dress down wedding (work that one out yourself)
* Punk Wedding (Genuine)
* Druid / Hippy (genuine not dress up please)
* Star Trek / Star Wars / Themed wedding
* Whatever else you can think of ...

Give me a call and see if its different enough to save up to 50% off your photography package.

* Offer runs for a limited time 

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