Friday, 28 February 2014

Baby - New born - Family photo shoots Tonbridge - Bromley - Sevenoaks - Westerham - Kent

Eadie's First Photo shootEadie's First Photo shoot

This was a great day, one of my brides came back to me after nearly three years and asked if I do #baby portraits ... yes I do and how nice to hear from you as well.

this was after hearing from another client she had taken up one of those rip off shoots where you pay £25 for three shoots but the photos cost fortunes, this particular client had one 6x8 and one 16x12 and paid £180 for them she asked if she could purchase the full resolution data and they said yes £700! so watch out those of you looking to save money up front it may cost you in the end!

this shoot was my current special offer of £35 for the baby shoot and the prices are on the gallery for prints and I think they are very reasonable for professional photos (not someone with a camera)


if your interested get in touch

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