Saturday, 23 February 2013 shoot/

Well Lots of people ask if I just shoot weddings and the reply is no, I am a full time photographer so shoot pretty much anything, these are a set from a tutorial shoot in my studio, the model is not a model and these were intermitant shots I took while showing the other photographer lighting set ups

Its great fun and interesting as well and the comments I received from the other photographer were interesting, she said 'I thought studio work would be easyer than other stuff I have done but actually it's harder!

There are lots of 'photographers' using commercial equipment and Ipad apps to edit their shots, lesson learnt for the day.... that is not how it works

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Anne-Marie & Nick wedding at St James's Church and High Rocks Tunbridge Wells

Anne-Marie & Nick

Heres a link to a nice wedding shot at St James's Church then on to High Rocks Tunbridge Wells
I was with the bride and groom all day from preperation through to the first dance and some beyond
unlike many I don't contract times I just approach the couple and ask if they are happy and Nick and Anne Marie were very pleased
have a look and put your speakers on