Monday, 18 June 2012

wedding videographers I loved working with

Hi there Matt

Hope you are well.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you the other week at Anne-Marie and Nick's wedding. I have come away with so much good footage and a lot of that is due to the wonderful shots that you set up !

I would like to add you as a link on my web site. Would you like to give me a few words to sum up your services?

kind regards


Carol Navis A.M.Inst.V
Cut Above Productions
t: 07956 914305

this was an email I received from them while shooting a wedding at High Rocks Tonbridge Wells

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Product photography Kent


these are some shots from todays quick studio shoot
some call this 'packshots' some 'product photography'

So I don't only shoot people !

A wedding shot by my good friend Russell Harper, and some late night shots from me

Alice & Jonny Saturday 9th June 2012Alice & Jonny Saturday 9th June 2012

This was a wedding where I had already been booked elsewhere, in this situation I put other photographers in who I know will do a fantastic job, usually Russell Harper

This was a great wedding that I managed to pop to after the other wedding I was shooting to get some late shots

So don't worry if im already booked I can still organise great photography for you as this link shows

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Late night creative wedding photography

I love this shot, its a long exposure late at night from the last wedding I shot


hope you like it too

Thursday, 7 June 2012

a full wedding gallery

the wedding of shelley and benthe wedding of shelley and ben

oh and I just had an email from the previous client

'We are sitting on our balcony in Positano overlooking the beautiful bay and you have us both beaming (and crying!) at the wonderful pictures and precious moments you have captured! We have only managed to look at half of them but we love what we've seen so far and can't wait to view the rest.

You've done a grand job!!!'

is what they say :-) makes it all worthwhile

Dartford registry office wedding

Gary and Sanja Wedding GalleryGary and Sanja Wedding Gallery

A nice intimate wedding with just four people and a campervan and we still had lots of fun

Full wedding gallery Smersole Farm the Old Kent Barn wedding venue

Rebecca and Mark The Wedding 27th May 2012Rebecca and Mark The Wedding 27th May 2012

Let me know what you think of my shots :-)