Wednesday, 19 October 2011

client comments after wedding photography

Hiiiii Matt,

We are absolutely THRILLED with all the photos, I cannot thank you enough. Honestly we are just blown away by the quality, the quantity (!) and the beauty of the moments that you've captured... I never imagined that they would turn out so incredibly. Every frame is joyful, and looking at them transports me back to the day so wonderfully. I love that I'll have them to smile at forever. You put everybody at ease all day long, and you really went the extra mile to make it the magical experience that it was. You never flagged, never stopped smiling, and never stopped snapping, and for this we are all so grateful. The parents are ecstatic that they have so much to choose from to fill albums! We'll probably have to buy several....
Hope all is well with you, and thankyou again, so so much. There couldn't possibly have been a better man for the job.

Feen xxxxx