Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A really nice gallery set from a pre wedding shoot today at St Julians Club in Sevenoaks, if anyone is looking for a great venue with really friendly staff and great food and views then you can't go far wrong with St Julians Club.
This shoot was the free pre booking shoot I provide for my potential wedding clients, this gives them a chance to see how I work and the photos I take of them before they book me, I don't think many full time professional photographers offer this
All photos owned and copyright property of matt james photography

St Julians Club Pre Wedding ShootSt Julians Club Pre Wedding Shoot

Lounge on the Farm

Lounge on the Farm
Some stills I shot a couple of years ago, the light is caused by a big thing called he sun, we may see it again one day ?
Music by my band Octave Dr's
This is a little different from my normal posts - enjoy

Monday, 18 March 2013

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Event photography gallery

Priestfield Pharmacy Ball 14th March 2013Priestfield Pharmacy Ball 14th March 2013

Ok event photography was the order of the evening last night and yes I have all the images up already!
it was a great event put on by Aine Hackett Vice president of the Medway Pharmacy Students Association http://www.msp.ac.uk/student-life/mpsa/
at Priestfield football stadium in Gillingham, the venue looked stunning and people were in great sprits and by the end of the evening had also consumed some great sprits and a few beers!

I set up a studio area and shot a few reportage images of the events awards and speaches and everyone had a great time, later on in the evening I pulled out a dress up box with silly glasses and hats for people to have some fun

well look at he gallery and see for your self what a great event it was

I look forward to the next event with these guys and wish them all the best with the next part of their journey

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

humanist wedding photographer kent

Ok this little gallery is from a pre booking shoot for a couple who are having a Humanist Wedding in Kent, this is where my clients get the chance to meet me and see how I work before booking me as their Wedding Photographer for their Humanist Wedding, if you have read the blog here you may know this already.

I decided that the shots would also look nice in a little video slideshow so this is the result of a little more work


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Goudhurst Today

I am off to Goudhurst today to meet with a couple who are getting married, as you may have seen on this blog I offer a free pre booking shoot to my clients before they book me for their wedding photography.

This is where we wander around for a short time just half an hour or so is all it takes and they get to see how I work, I then host a gallery of the images like this one http://jalbum.net/a/1318379
and they can then decide if they want to book me, these shoots a pretty popular, I guess the price is right.. free

I am amazed that people book their photographer based on nice shots of other people, still it's just my take on things.

Though its wet today the light is great, it has a certian metalic feel to it and there are almost no shadows out there so the shots will be great