Sunday, 29 May 2011

brucie bonus

This week has seen me shooting a wedding at salomons, also BMW pga golf at Wentworth where I had an opportunity to shoot Bruce forsythe and anton playing golf today is pet portraits for some fun

Friday, 13 May 2011

what a week, wedding photography in Kent, pre wedding in Rye, product shots and all sorts!

the link above is from a pre wedding shoot Today! the wedding is Monday!
really looking forward to it, this is after a week shooting 550 bottle shots for La Vida Drinks (and finding out they have been using my logo design without permission...grrrr) also some more wedding rings from Westone Workshops (macro work) and today I have been booked to shoot a music video, a corporate shoot at Wembley, a studio shoot that is a secret surprise from the Mum (can't say who) and a London Firm of Solicitors waht new portrait shots! as well as booking two more weddings running into 2013!

I think I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who are using my services and am so pleased you like my style of photography, I have some great shots to update the website with, unfortunatly no time to do it..

all this with man flu! yes its the worst kind, and I am now sitting here with shiny lips due to the vaseline (no rude jokes please)

anyway, still taking bookings, got the pet portraits coming up at Sevenoaks Garden centre over the next bank holiday and got a special offer on weekday wedding photography as well so contact me to find out more

cheers for now


Sunday, 1 May 2011

what a week

Well what a week, the Royal Wedding that I watched all day, I didn't get the call to be the photographer but had plans anyway :-)
Still the guy they did select is in on all of the Royal Weddings and shoots with a £25,0000 Hassleblad ! thats the cost with one lens...really nice kit and normally only used for fashion or shots that will be blown to the size of a house, next down from that is the kit I use :-)
And what have I done this week aside from even more bank holidays and gardening...
well I have a special promotion on in the studio for familys, couples or groups (perfect for a han party or stag party as well) £75 for an hour and six prints ! as well as Facebook downloads...
in addition I am having a go at pet portraits at Sevenoaks Garden Centre over the next bank holiday, bring any pet (as long as you don't own an elephant!)
also been doing so pre wedding shoots and studio portraits, got a great shot of a baby sitting in the corner of the backdrop I just love it
Anyway so for studio portraits in kent, corporate portraits, social media portraits (up scale your facebook, linkedin image!)and of course Weddings, models and magazines
give me a call 07939 041105