Thursday, 31 March 2011

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I had the pleasure of shooting Syd Arthur in the studio yesterday we also decided to go out to a location I know to get some outdoor shots, there is a gallery but I can't show you as the band need to see them first
Also got a call from a couple of people for event photography, also a firm of solicitors who need portrait shots in London
they emailed me several times just to check if I had given the right price as after getting quotes elsewhere they could not beleive how 'reasonable' my prices are (not cheap but reasonable!)
if someone is that cheap then you have to ask yourself why, are they not busy if so is that because the work is no good?

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What a varied job I have

All in one day! I started my day at BNI where I was witness to a great presentation on social media from David Taylor of 2010
then collected some rings to shoot for Bill foreman of westone workshops
then shot some pack shots for printmonger and created a video for them
and created the above video presentation for their website :)
then walked Wilma and got ready for tomorrows marathon shoot, this week I have everything from a wedding through to packshots, studio party for some girls and an event to cover!
as I said, what A varied job I have
I did get a little dissapointed that there is another matt james photography out here who has nicked my web style and published a facebook page as well, dont be fooled its not me!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Hillview School and Bags!

Well an interesting day was Monday 21st I collected some bags from a great company called Crazybags and it looks like they would like me to shoot their products for them, collected some for test shots and hope they like the results :-)
also Hillview performing arts college will be using the studio and me to teach lighting and photography to its students, a very exciting prospect

Thursday, 17 March 2011

new media

I am so busy at the moment with new media and photography, when I say new media I am talking of mainly social networks like you tube, facebook and such like as well as videos
I have worked on several corporate shoots that have turned into videos for embeding on websites

some can be seen on my website, but I have others I can provide links to like Roberts metal packaging, Youngs brewery, and vinopolis in London

it would be interesting to see what you think of these videos

personally I love them, I enjoy creating them and they provide instant satisfaction...a bit like chocolate!

low light photography

its not simple thats for sure, when shooting a wedding in many circumstances you will not be permitted to use a flash in a church and rightly so, its a little distracting with that going off when people should be all eyes on the bride and groom so what do you do?

well firstly there is a fair investment in glass (Lens) you need a fast lens offering f1.2 - f2.8 capabilities to suck in the light, then you have to look for the emotion and the shot and complete this with the available light, its not simple but when it happens its magic, the shot should feel like your standing there

you can see some on the website

whats your opinion