Tuesday, 28 April 2015

royal tunbridge wells wedding and portrait photographer

The groom arrives in a tank! well thats a first for me anyway.
What I am lacking this year are weddings in and around Royal Tunbridge Wells
if you are looking for a photographer for a portrait or family shoot and especially a wedding then please get in touch, we offer a free pre booking shoot so you can take the guess work out of selecting your wedding photographer.
We can also offer video services
so why not get in touch to arrange to meet us.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

photographers kent

visit my new website
Hi there, I have finished the new documentary website now and would love some feedback on how it looks and the content or any suggestions you may have.
my exsisting site is still up and running and is the main focus of my business (excuse the pun) but I wanted an offering that pointed at a different client.

There are so many 'photographers' out there now and some clients simply cant see the difference between them, to others the difference is obvious, well the clinets that recognise the obvious difference, these are the ones that this is pointed at.

I'm not in any way saying wht other photographers offer is bad, after all its all about perception and if you are happy with what you receive then fantastic, but as a photographer myself who is constantly trying to acheive better images and as a guitarist in a band (we write our own music) this theme follows through whatever I do.

So if you have a chance then give me some feedback on the new site please.

and at the same time you can still visit

Matt James Photography

thanks for reading


Friday, 20 March 2015

Ok so I am in the process of building my new offering that is a little different from my current business, Sevenoaks Photography offer a much more bespoke service that get much more into the editing to create unique artistic photography, not that my current business matt james photography has not artistic offerings, however sevenoaks photography is much more about natural light and the edit to extra time is spent on each image and therefore it is a little more expensive.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

getting to grips with low light photography

well some call it low light some call it natural light, its either really, what I do know is that first you need the right equipment, len's that can go down to f1.2 - 2.8 these are fast and can collect great light in a minimal light enviroment like a church where really you dont want flashes going off all the time

there is still a skill to using them you have to look for the subject or emotion in a shot then find the light as well to take best advantage of the potential shot, but if it happens its magic :-)

you can see many examples on the website

thanks for reading and whats your opinion ?

Royal Tunbridge Wells wedding photgraphy

#Royal Tunbridge Wells
Looking for a wedding photographer in Tunbridge Wells or surrounding areas or even overseas, matt james photography has a new offering at www.sevenoaks-photography.co.uk
documentary photography with much more in the way of shoot to edit, creative and natural light and lots of black and white
check out the website for more information and examples of our work

Friday, 6 February 2015

Hop Farm Wedding fair

Come and see me at the Hop Farm wedding fiar this sunday the 8th Feb, I have a great selection of images on display on a huge TV and a selection of albums for you to look at.
Plus some offers especially for the show
See you there