Monday, 27 January 2014

Wedding photography for mature clients
Simon and SharonSimon and Sharon

Perhaps you are getting marred? Perhaps it's not your first time, you still want the memories of this special day but not all the huge involvement that you had first time around, this is more about your two than the day, much more intimate a smaller scale with real friends and family, and much more fun, lets face it as you get older (I like to say more mature) you don't really worry as much about what people think, if they don't like it then are they real friends.

so why not have a photographer who understands all of this with a great nature and friendly approach that will work with your day and not cost the earth.

Packages are available for these clients from as little as £550, considering the average wedding package these days topples over the £1500 mark then that's an amazing offer

Why not contact me to find out more and oh, before you book me you get the chance to met and have a shoot with me to see what all the fuss is about

thanks for reading