Monday, 16 January 2012

Wedding experiences without me

Well here we are again another year of not being able to get into wedding fairs, Salomons, Kent Event Centre, Commissioners, Ashford International, Hadlow Manor, Inn on the Lake, Kent Showground, all venues I have shot, all near to me, and no way I can get into a wedding fair there as one company has the monopoly, I can pay £300 to put some leaflets into some bags that clents wont look at when they get home, I know I do that as I still have an unopened bag from a photographic show I attended 4 months ago!
it's people that buy and get on with people so if your getting married at any of the places mentioned and want something different to what everyone else will get when attending these shows then call me or email me for my free pre booking shoot and see what I can do for you :-)

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