Saturday, 18 June 2011

And the story continues

And the story continues!
I thought I would let anyone who sees this blog see what I have been up to and hear of some recent successes.
As you may or may not know I love really, I love it, even the bits that I don’t want to do I enjoy! But of late I have had the pleasure of shooting Sunrise festival again only to find out that my shots from last year were used extensively to promote this year’s festival, not only on the website but in ‘Rising’ magazine in several parts of the publication, not only that but my shot featured in The Independent Guide to Summer festivals as the Cover Shot!
Amazing and very flattering.
In addition I had a shoot with a School of Children moving up a year and received a very complimentary email requesting 42 copies of the group shot from the Teachers!
My Pet Portraits session was ok at the Sevenoaks Garden centre and that was featured in the Sevenoaks Chronicle with the winning entry
Tonight is a Masonic event where I am shooting and printing on site so reading this you will have an idea of how varied my work can be.
Oh and finally I have just made my first ever 16x12 woodblock print of a horse and rider, it looks amazing and I can’t wait to deliver the items to the client, they will be quite emotional I think as unfortunately the shot was taken over a year ago at a showing show at Poll Hill Riding centre and two weeks after the shot was taken the Horse unfortunately passed away, it was then a year later a friend of the rider found the gallery that the rider never realised was there.
So if you’re looking for portrait work, wedding photography in Kent or London, Event photography in Kent or London, Studio photography well anything really then please feel free to contact me
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