Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Product photography and portraits

Well up until the last post (just a few seconds ago) I didn’t label anything, what effect has this had on my Blog, well no one can see it!
So from now on it's Labels all the way, oh and some more up to date shots!
I cover all sorts of photography from weddings, through to studio work, location photography and can even offer on site print facilities!
Why don't I specialise, well because I love photography, and it can be a wedding or a wedding ring, a magazine shot or something creative, I just love the challenge.
Many advocate specialisation but ask yourself is that to earn more money or to become a specialist? I would say the later, why do I say this? In many walks of life it seems to be the specialist who takes things for granted and makes the mistakes, the person who is capable but who has to attempt something they don’t do all the time is surely going to pay far more attention to detail?
Obviously this scenario won’t work with an open heart surgeon  but you get the idea!
For me being a freelance photographer in Kent allows me the luxury of shooting wedding photography in Kent and London and then doing some product photography and event photography this variation always keeps me on my toes and all styles work together when shoot


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