Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What a varied job I have

All in one day! I started my day at BNI where I was witness to a great presentation on social media from David Taylor of 2010
then collected some rings to shoot for Bill foreman of westone workshops
then shot some pack shots for printmonger and created a video for them
and created the above video presentation for their website :)
then walked Wilma and got ready for tomorrows marathon shoot, this week I have everything from a wedding through to packshots, studio party for some girls and an event to cover!
as I said, what A varied job I have
I did get a little dissapointed that there is another matt james photography out here who has nicked my web style and published a facebook page as well, dont be fooled its not me!


  1. Is there nothing you can do about the copied wedsite? I am massaging for Scope on marathon day cool...Sis Andrea

  2. Well I doubt it ang thanks for reading my blog though